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bemerry posted this as a one of a trio of illustrations just before Xmas, taking me completely by surprise and once again bringing my characters to life in a manner that only he is capable of achieving.

This is Skye, an unfortunate holiday-maker who chose to ignore the medical advice that suggested she take a rest or sleep after making use of a teleportation device to arrive at her destination. Instead she made straight for the pool, slipping on the way and falling on top of the inflatable mermaid pool-toy she was holding at the time.

As her physical form and that of the toy were still in a subtle state of flux, they merged together and were forced to find a compromise between the two different forms now trying to occupy the same space. The result is the rather fetching, rubber-skinned mermaid that you see here, not hollow and inflatable, but very much alive and vital.

Though initially unhappy to have become a rubber mermaid, Skye has since made the best of the situation, hiring herself out to appear in multiple music videos, TV series and high-rolling parties as a novelty attraction. In addition, she never has to compete for attention and finds that the traditionally alluring image of the siren is one that suits her down to the ground.

Check out the original here:

Mature Content

Fun Fulfillment - Christmas Wish List by bemerry

And the story that inspired it: Literary Sketch: Playthings by the PoolsideThe storm that had brought a torrential rain and lashing winds to the island blew away almost as quickly as it had arrived, lifting the stilting heat which had clung to the beeches, stands of tropical trees and rocky hills and leaving the air itself fresh, damp and reinvigorated. Each of the villas that occupied a desirable nook in amongst the rocky landscape and its own private sandy cove was already in pristine condition as it awaited the arrival of its next tenants. But the progress of the storm left everything similarly saturated with an aura of naturally inviting cleanliness and smoothed away the remnants even of the last human presence.
  Inside any one of the villas, there was to be found no means of exiting onto a path or street that would lead away from it and into the interior of the island. Instead there existed only a wall of sliding glass panels which looked out onto the broad, paved patio and generous swimming pool in its centre. Similarly there was no sign of a kitc
uglygosling Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
Can she also stay underwater and breathe water for as long as she wishes? :)
Nate-Walis Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not sure the transformation would have given her the ability to breath underwater, or even to swim as well as a real mermaid, as she simply took on the outward shape of the pool-toy and it's plastic skin. At the most she probably gained some amount of lung capacity from becoming more elastic in nature, so she should be able to hold her breath for a little longer than the average human.
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